Online banking is already a part of our daily lives, but we still often hear the myth about applying for credit that the application process is cumbersome and you can’t avoid lengthy, cumbersome administration – this is something that pawnshops argue when offering their own services.

Indeed, in the case of home loans, it takes a lot of time to get things done, especially with the involvement of real estate collateral, but for payday loans, the above statement is certainly no longer valid.

In fact, some credit institutions can claim up to millions of forints without leaving your home: this is an online payday loan facility that is available to more and more clients.

Speed, Simplicity, Convenience


Banks have been pushing these concepts for the past few years, and in addition to favorable interest rates, they are trying to convince clients that they are worth choosing, by simplifying the loan application process .

With an online payday loan, several banks have already signed up for the market, which means that more and more customers can apply for a free-of-charge loan of up to millions of forints without having to stand in an armchair.

So, convenient banking is taking it to the next level – we’ve collected what you need to know about applying for credit online and what opportunities banks have at the forefront of technology development.

Which bank can apply for an online payday loan?


The first big step in full online administration and video identification was the opening of a checking account. Gránit Bank was one of the first to introduce video identification shortly after the legal framework allowed personal identification and contract signing to be done electronically.

The next step in the development process is the online payday loan application , which further accelerates and simplifies the process of applying for an uncomplicated freely available payday loan. Many of the largest banks have come up with an online payday loan, but there are several differences in procedures.

It does not matter, for example, that at the end of the application, the contract is signed digitally or on paper, and whether the online application is available to those who have not previously contracted with the creditor bank. 

Recently, several large credit institutions


Have renewed and made online loan applications available to those with whom they have not previously contracted. 

At Goodbank , we can take out a freely available payday loan of between HUF 300,000 and HUF 1.5 million without being a customer of the bank. If you already have a contract, the amount you can apply for online can be $ 3 million.

The biggest benefit of the development, available since mid-November, is that every step of the application process is done online, meaning you can print from home without having to print anything. The process of identification is via video call and the contract is digitally signed.

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