The Family Home Creation Benefit (CSOK) is very popular in our country, and almost every Hungarian person knows it. The state discount has been available since July 1, 2015 for young couples who are planning to start a family or may have children but would expand their families.

The grant can be applied for in advance

The grant can be applied for in advance

But if the childbirth is not fulfilled, the amount received must be repaid in full to the state. The subsidy can be used for the purchase, extension and construction of used and new real estate.

The level of support varies. In the case of the purchase and construction of new real estate, the amount received for the subsidy far exceeds the amount of subsidy for the purchase of the used real estate.

Discount rate for the purchase and construction of new property:


  • For one child 600.000 Ft
  • For 2 children 2.600.000 Ft
  • In case of 3 or more children HUF 10,000,000 + can apply for HUF 10,000,000 state subsidized loan

Discount for second-hand property:

  • For one child 600.000 Ft
  • For 2 children HUF 1,430,000
  • For 3 children HUF 2,200,000
  • For children of 4 or more HUF 2,750,000

It is important to know that a child is considered to be a fetus after the 24th week of pregnancy or a child under the age of 20 (but if she is in full-time education at the age of 25, she is included in the CSOK) and of course adopted the Family Home Discount is also available for children.

The interest subsidized home loan provided by the Government of Hungary is available for families with 3 or more children when buying and constructing a new home. In addition to the $ 10 million subsidy for 3 children, there is no need to take out an interest-subsidized home loan, but if you still need all the money to build or buy a newly built property, it is not worth taking a market rate home loan. It is recommended to choose an interest-subsidized home loan provided by the company with a fixed interest rate of 3% until maturity.

The $ 10 Million Home Creation Discount for Families with 3 or More Children is very popular with large families because it makes it much easier to create a family nest.

Interest on the loan

Interest on the loan

As the Hungarian Government aims to help families with several children with this support, it offers a fixed annual interest rate of 3% per annum (up to 25 years), which is more favorable than market-based home loans.

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