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Food Inc - PBS David Brancaccio and Maria Hinojosa NOW interview with Robert Kenner, director of the controvertial documentary "Food Inc." released to US movie Theaters June 12, 2009.

Behind the food we love—Secrets that giant food companies don't want you to know.

Americans have a longstanding love affair with food—the modern supermarket has, on average, 47,000 products. But do we really know what goes into making the products we so eagerly consume?

This week, David Brancaccio talks with filmmaker Robert Kenner, the director of "Food, Inc.," which takes a hard look at the secretive and surprising journey food takes on the way from processing plants to our dinner tables. The two discuss why contemporary food processing secrets are so closely guarded, their impact on our health, and another surprising fact: how consumers are actually empowered to make a difference.

Find out why you'll never look at dinner the same way.

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