If you want to know how to earn easy money you have reached the right place. In this guide we will give you several tricks that can help you get extra cash, whether to pay a debt, to buy a motorcycle, to pay for medical treatment or to go on vacation.

If you do not reach the end of the month because expenses are increasingly high and income is maintained or reduced, then you should look for other alternatives to get money. It is easier than you think. Pay attention to these tricks on how to earn easy money:

1. Sell things you don’t use


Take advantage of the weekend to do a good cleaning at home and put on sale everything that you do not use or that you no longer have left. You will surely find clothes, shoes, records, books and dozens of objects that other people can serve. Then you can either sell them online, offer them to your acquaintances or even organize a famous garage sale. You can also sell things in local stores, such as bookstores, record stores or videogames. You can even sell to students at the university where you studied those books or material that you have used.

2. Sign up for paid surveys

It is a very easy way to earn money, because you do not need to have any special knowledge. They do not pay too much, but the idea is that in your spare time you can complete many and thus earn some additional money. There are several websites specialized in surveys.

3. Perform household chores

3. Perform household chores

On the internet there are also places where you can sign up to do some housework and earn some money. For example you can drive a car like Uber, make purchases for people with some physical impossibility, take care of houses or pets, offer tutoring services, mow the lawn, wash cars, do paperwork at banks or municipal offices, etc.

4. Rent a room in your home

If you have a large house and you have a room left over or the basement is in good condition and habitable, you can rent it to students, youth or tourists. Publish on official websites and known as Airbnb or Homeaway. No doubt an extra income every month is not bad at all!

5. Be freelancer

It is one of the ways of how to make easy money better known in recent times. It’s basically about being an independent worker through the web. You will not always get a high remuneration, but the good thing is that it can be an additional income more than interesting. Take advantage of the free hours of the weekend or when you finish your “official” workday. There are works of writing, translation, editing, information search, etc.

6. Sell your photographs

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make and sell the images. Stock photos are simple, general and undefined images that people or companies can use in their articles, presentations, brochures, magazines, etc. They do not have a very high value, so it is recommended to sell them in thematic ‘packages’ or that can be used for several different projects. Try also offering them on specialized websites.

7. Be a virtual assistant

4. Rent a room in your home

More and more people are looking for temporary jobs that do not require to appear in any particular place. Many companies are interested in this type of employees because they are paid less and reduce expenses by not having to install them in an office or premises. The tasks of a virtual assistant range from completing forms to keeping an agenda, including searching for specific information (for example flights, hotels, houses to buy, etc.) to edit videos or assemble presentations. You will have a boss who will indicate the tasks by email or video conference and no matter how many hours you work, the important thing is that you fulfill what you are asked.

These ideas of how to earn easy money are more than interesting, but many times we cannot wait until we find a job or generate certain amounts. In those cases, the best alternative is to apply for a loan online. Just as Good Finance or Fast Credits loans can be somewhat complicated to obtain, on our site you will find many options in a matter of minutes. You just have to complete the form and wait for confirmation.

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