The steady rise in property prices has been going on for years, and another 10-20% increase is expected from July 2017. But not only house prices, but also sublease rates are rising significantly, and subletting rates in Budapest are slowly reaching the Hungarian average wage level.

This is why many people decide to buy a home on a loan rather than sublease and pay the price of their own home rather than put it in another pocket.

This can be a great solution as we are now seeing low interest rate home loans. You can also choose a 10-15-20 year fixed rate loan with interest or a variable interest period.

Want to live finds subsidized housing loans

Want to live finds subsidized housing loans

If you raise children, you may want to live finds subsidized housing loans provided by the state for 20 years, which can be used to purchase new homes, construction and modernization. The loan can be borrowed for up to 25 years, but the grant is only for the first 20 years of repayment.

The credit institution is responsible for determining eligibility. The amount must be requested from the bank within 120 days of the purchase agreement for the purchase of a new home, before issuing the permit for use in the case of construction, and before the loan is realized in the case of home renovation.

Conditions of use


A young person (with up to 1 child up to 35 years old) or more with a child , when building or buying a new home, or a person over the age of 45 (up to 45 years) can apply for an interest-subsidized home loan to modernize their home.

It is important to know that the grant is not available if the applicant owns another home, has a permanent right to use the home or has leased it, or has a municipal or tenancy right. Also, if you have another publicly supported loan or the seller may not be a close relative of the buyer.

The limit of the value of the dwelling to be purchased

The limit of the value of the dwelling to be purchased

HUF 25 million in Budapest and in county towns and HUF 20 million in other settlements. The amount of the interest-subsidized loan may not reach HUF 12.5 million if you purchase real estate up to HUF 25 million, and HUF 10 million for real estate below HUF 20 million.

The interest-subsidized loan is due until the claimant reaches the age of 45. The rate of support is 52% for 2 children, 55% for 3 children, 59% for 4 children, 64% for 5 children, and 70% for 6 or more children. In the case of raising a child, the parent must pay 50% interest until the age of 35.

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